The Badger Confession

The Badger Confession

Author: J.A. Ricketts

ISBN: 9781926881300
Pages: 0
Description: „One of Ms. Ricketts’ most remarkable skills as a writer is her ability to make her characters talk and act naturally; there is nothing stilted or artificial about them.“ — PEI Guardian

„With a nice touch for character, plot and dialogue, Ricketts is also able to deftly embed sequences of factual information . . . adding to the genuineness of the story.“ — The Telegram

„Boy, Judy Ricketts, you tell a good story.“ — Randy Simms, VOCM Open Line

„In a lot of ways, this is the perfect Newfoundland novel.“ — The Northeast Avalon Times

„As with its predecessor, many will be captivated by this rural history of a small town in Newfoundland and its people.“ — Atlantic Books Today

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